Buy Our Cheese

We have curated a selection of our most popular cheeses: an 800g mixed selection pack or a mixed 2kg box of our best goat and sheep cheeses. These weights will be minimum weights; Iona has a habit of being a little heavy handed when it comes to cutting cheese, she is always on the generous side.

In addition to our popular mixed selection 800g and 2kg cheese hauls, we have been asked if we could also sell our luscious Goat Curd, Blue Goat, Goatisan and Owd Ewe, so we are pleased to be able to offer these online, too.

There is no postage charge on any of our options - we offer free 24 hour delivery to UK addresses.  We send cheese out Monday to Wednesday, to arrive the next day, subject to courier delays.  We prefer not to send cheese out on Thursdays, in case of courier delays.  Please note that we do not send cheese out on Fridays as the courier we use does not deliver over the weekend. 

Thank you to everyone who bought cheese from us, and wishing everyone a suitably cheesey Christmas. Orders are now being taken for cheese packs and boxes to be sent out after 29th December 2020.

Apologies to our US and Canadian friends, we are not able to send cheese in the post to you. We hope to one day, but not yet. Watch this space!

Who can eat our cheese: all of our Ribblesdale Cheese sheep and goat cheeses are pasteurised so are suitable for nursing and pregnant mothers; they are also made with vegetarian rennet, therefore are good to go for vegetarians.

Browse our cheese selections below.