We have received a terrific number of requests to buy a whole Goatisan, our bestselling aged goat cheese! We want you to know, we hear you. This is one of our very best cheeses and has won as many prizes as our luscious Goat Curd.  We are also offering a smaller, 800g portion too - both with free delivery!

This is one of our high maintenance cheeses that has a natural rind, which is edible, though some prefer to cut it off.  It is cloth bound and put in the maturing room to mature, where over time, it loses moisture and the fat begins to break down and the flavours really start to come into their own. A complex cheese with layers of flavour. It is turned and rubbed each week to keep it happy.

We prefer this as an after dinner cheese, to savour the flavours; it can also be used in cooking: in tarts, see Ottolenghi’s roast garlic tart, as a gratin topping, grated in pasta or as a deluxe version of cheese on toast.

Great Taste Award Judge’s tasting notes: a beautiful golden colour, lovely crystal content, good even crusting throughout. Texture wise it's consistent, smooth, creamy, with a lovely salty matured finish on the palate. It tastes far more mature than 4 months. We would all select this for our cheese board, and certainly with the product being a goats cheese we were all of the opinion it deserves three stars. Well done. 

One cheese weighs approx. 1.8kgs. If a little less, to make the weight up, we will ensure we top you up, sometimes with a little piece of something else, to give you a little variety.  You will receive this cheese whole, in its bandage. You can keep it in a cool, clean, dark place, still in its bandage before you cut into it. Once it has been cut into, it is best to wrap in greaseproof or cling film and keep in the salad drawer of your fridge. You can freeeze pieces of the cheese, and it should be defrosted gently in the fridge.


Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Cheese Box
£30.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • These cheeses can be frozen. They do not like to be kept in a vac pack in the fridge, so if you intend to eat them straight away, please unwrap and rewrap tightly in good quality cling film or greaseproof and keep it in a plastic tub with a lid in the fridge. If the natural rinded cheeses continue to mature, they may develop a little mould, just sliver it off with a knife. 
    These cheeses can be frozen in the vac pack, but please remove the vac pack before defrosting.
    Shelf life, 3 months in the freezer, 3 weeks in the fridge, 10 days once opened.