Yet More Snow 13th Feb 2013

Pip tucking into a tasty treat of a little bit of goat milk

Wow, it has been a long, hard, cold winter and there seems to be no sign of it improving.  I had snow at my place this Saturday and Sunday and my pigs are extremely unhappy, especially after I told them that it might be warming up a little.

Pip after licking her chops, asking for more

Being this cold really does put a damper on making cheese; we have to be patient and work with the milk, allowing it longer to heat up, longer to develop the acidity, take the whey off after a longer time and so on.

And then there is cleaning he IBCs we store our milk in – not fun when it is snowy outside and outside turns into ice.

Stu’s dog, Pip or The Pipsqueak is allowed a little treat when we make milk – her master allows her a little bit of milk so she can curl up in her

Stu cleaning the IBCs

kennel with a nice full tunny and sleep for most of the rest of the day.

2,050 litres of goat milk

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