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Yesterday’s Original Goat Make and a Record

Andrew and Stu pushing back the curd

Yesterday, Stu and later with Andrew’s help, processed 1,950 litres of goat milk.  It was fantastic to see that much milk in the vat because of the national shortage of goat milk we have all been experiencing.  I know that this is not the fault of our goat milk supplier, simply that the milk has not been around and that in turn is largely down to the effect of the weather – a long and cold winter.  We are grateful for what we have received, but it has been very touch and go maintaining stock levels and this week, we actually ran out of Original Goat.  So you can imagine, this make is desperately needed!

We were very pleased to receive 3,800 litres of goat milk on Tuesday.  It was Andrew’s first day back to us after a couple of months’ off

Stu and Andrew watching whey off

lambing.  Andrew said that lambing has been very difficult this year and because of the snow and the danger of losing both lambs and their mothers in the snow, they had had to bring as many inside as possible which whilst they were indoors, also presented problems because there were so many.  Anyway, he has had a successful lambing and it was good to see Andrew back and even better to let him get the pot sizes a little more reasonable on the Original Goat (than me).

We are limbering up to Friday’s penultimate sheep make as that, as readers of this blog, will know is damned hard work when we are all at it.  2,000 litres of sheep’s milk can make 160 pots and take up most of the pressing space.

One large block of curd, to be cut into smaller, more manageable ones to turn

Pressing space is one of our major constraints.  Because we are making two lots of goat cheese this week and then sheep on Friday, we don’t have enough press space.  To try and get around this, Stu is continually cranking up the press on yesterday’s Original Goat make so that we can hopefully take it out by the end of today and put the Gouda in its place.  The Gouda comes out anyway tomorrow to

And a record temperature in the dairy

go in the brine bath, but this means we will have to come in on Saturday to vac pack it.

The record was the ambient temperature in the dairy.  It almost reached 20 o C which is an absolute record for this year – the first time ever.  Today it is back down to normal levels because the weather has reverted to type once more: cold and grey.

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