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Who Was That Lady in Mekenes in 2003/04?

The Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington

The American Armed Forces Retirement Home

During our quest to develop a new top notch brand name for our cheese, I contacted my old friend Mac who lives in the Old Soldier’s Home in Washington DC. 

It is a virtual relationship as we have never met, though we did almost meet one time when I was visiting Washington many years ago on business, sadly, it was not to be.  We came into contact when I used to run the Globetrotters Club and wrote the monthly e-newsletter until taking on my uncle’s cheese business when I just didn’t have enough time.

Mac is 86 years young and has travelled pretty much around the world, many times, partly during his time in the US forces and partly because he was, as I used to be, a consummate traveller.

Mac asked his friends in the home and also on-line for their suggestions for a new brand name for us (thank you Mac!) and was astonished when his friend George stopped him in the hallway all excited and said, ‘Hey Mac, I tasted your friend’s Ribblesdale cheese in Meknes, in Morocco in about 2003 or 2004’.  

He said he was on a tour bus and an English lady invited him to join her for a spot of tea on a bench and that the lady had a little wicker basket and in it, some Ribblesdale Cheese.

‘He said he remembered it first because of its unique name, then its unique flavour and that it was made from goats milk.  He liked it’.

Mac goes on to say, ‘this friend has been around the world many times (in submarine one time in a non stop trip being refuelled en route) so for him to remember that day is kind of interesting’.

Wow, I think that is a wonderful recollection, and what a coincidence!  I wonder who that lady was?

Many thanks Mac, and George for relaying this.

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