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Who Says Cheese Makers Do Not Have A Sense of Humour?

Today, Thursday, we are making our Superior Yorkshire Goat Gouda.  Yesterday was Original Goat.

Talking of Original Goat, I was the person who potted up the last make and I rather over egged the pot sizes.  So much so, that they pretty much, when waxed, labelled and bagged, did not fit in their boxes. I did a quick calculation (it’s the accountant in me) and worked out that they had an average weight of 2.5kg as opposed to the normal 2.0 – 2.1 kg range.

Message on a box

Message on a box

This makes putting 6 inner boxes of Original Goat into an outer a little interesting.  And thinking beyond us, about our customers, it probably isn’t very good for them either having these large oversized cheeses (we call them bouncy) teetering on their shelves.  So I wrote a little note of apology on the boxes of Original Goat that I put together for orders being picked up on Monday.  I hope they see the funny side of it.  Honest, I promise I will try harder next time.  Hopefully, now that our part timer Andrew has returned from lambing, he will go back to potting up and I will be excused because he does a far better job of it than me.

And talking of a sense of humour, I certainly needed one this morning.  As you know it has been so cold here for so long – and there is

Advice note to said customer

Advice note to said customer

still snow in the fields and around my house – I have what might best be described as unwanted house guests and at worst, I am overrun with mice.  They have come into my house because they know there is chocolate around and it is warmer inside, though that in itself is debatable because I have run out of heating oil; supposed to be arriving on Monday, (a week after I ordered it) because, ‘we are very busy you know’.  My Just in Time was definitely out of time.

Back to mice: as a result, I have carefully been putting down poison in every room which takes two nights to vanish so then I replenish it.  I wish I could take some pictures of the mice having parties late at night, I would like to know what they do.  I reckon they have a band and dance all night, hopefully snacking on my mouse poison as they boogie around my skirting boards.  Mice might be thought of as cute and pretty, but in my book, they are akin to rats, foxes and rabbits.  This morning, I sat down with my lap top to check e-mails when I felt something brush

House mouse

House mouse

against my feet.  I looked down and there was the tiniest, almost cute little mouse.  Trying not to drop the lap top which was on my knees, I leapt up and looked at it.  It looked back at me and proceeded to climb up the settee.  So I found the only shovel the builders had not totally destroyed, scooped it up and placed it outside, feeling very guilty.

Finally, on a serious note, Stu’s mum is not very well and has been taken to a local community hospital where she is being looked after and hopefully made to eat to get a bit of nourishment in her; his dad tries, I know, but when someone hasn’t got much of an appetite, I know from experience, it can be a downward spiral.  So we are all sending her our thoughts and best wishes and to Stu’s dad too who is not so good either.  And on another serious note, Austin, my friend Pat’s son was taken into A&E last night and I am thinking of him too.  Here’s wishing Stu’s mum and dad and Austin speedy recoveries: get better soon!

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