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Where to Buy Cheese Making Supplies

Updated 2nd November 2018

There is an updated blog piece about where to buy cheese making supplies.

I’ve talked about where to source cheese making equipment, here is a bit on where to get your supplies, from starter culture, rennet, cheese cloths, moulds to wax.  Below is a collection of places that I either use or know about.

Starter Culture and Rennet

Somerset based Ken at JKM Foods is our go-to man these days to buy starter, blue, rennet, annatto, moulds, antibiotic testing strips, lipase and more.  I don’t mind admitting that Ken has given me tonnes of great advice, help with recipe development and general reassurance when making new products.  I completely recommend Ken for anyone looking to buy starter and ask advice from someone who is extremely experienced and knowledgeable.

Worcester based Orchard Valley sell rennet, acidity meter chemicals, starter cultures, annatto, calcium chloride, wax.  They are also stockists of Danisco starter cultures.  Things changed a lot since Alan left, and I do not know the current people, but have heard good reports.

Somerset based Westcombe Dairy are now stockists of Hansen starter culture.

Birmingham based Jongiac sell starter culture, rennet, moulds, presses, blue cheese piercers, small cheese vats, packaging and cleaning chemicals.  Jaap who owns the business is not only very knowledgeable himself, but he organises very highly praised tours to both UK and continental cheese makers.

For hobbyists, there are a few suppliers I have come across:

Jaap de Jong also runs the Cheese Making Shop which sells cheese making kits, moulds, rennet, including artichoke rennet, small presses, cheeese irons, calcium chloride for hobbyists.

Goat Nutrition sell a range of cheese making equipment, including presses, wax, plasticoat, calcium chloride, starter, rennet, thermometers, moulds.

Moorlands sell a wide range of cheese making supplies from starter culture, cheese mats, presses, moulds, cutters, cloths.

Cheese Cloths

For blue disposable cloths, you can’t go wrong with Precision Cut Textiles who are, I think the number one choice of blue disposable cloths to cheese makers in the country, everyone I know buys their cloths from these guys, contact:  sion@precisioncut.org.uk  m: 07764428013.

Ashton under Lyme based A & I Holmes sell traditional, white, muslin, re-useable cheese cloths and cloth caps and binders for bandaging cheese, tel: 0161 343 1911

J M Clayton & Co Ltd also sell Egyptian muslin traditional cheesecloth, (no website) tel: 0161 273 1133, fax: 0161 273 3013 or email: andrew@jmclayton.co.uk

Cleaning Chemicals, Sodium Hydroxide etc

We use Techniclean, based in Ashbourne for degreaser, sanitiser, caustic and nitric for pasteuriser cleaning.

Scientific Chemicals sell aciditymeter chemicals e.g. sodium hydroxide and Phenolphthalein


Sheffield based Rillatech sell vacuum pouches and Dalziel sell plastic bags.  Yorkshire based Xtex sell bags and blue polythene.  We also use Synpac for vac pouches.

If you know of anyone who deserves a mention on this list, please drop me a line and I will incorporate them.

Update 24/7/10 from Andy who has a splendid cheese making blog passed on these details about where to source raw milk:

http://www.hookandson.co.uk – nationwide delivery of raw Fresian milk http://www.rawjerseymilk.co.uk/ – London delivery of raw Jersey milk http://www.hurdlebrook.co.uk/ – raw Guernsey milk from Notting Hill Farmers market, and local Somerset delivery

You can also buy raw milk from Andrew Hollinshead at his farm in Cheshire http://www.realrawmilk.co.uk

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