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What Did You Do Today? We Made Superior Goat: Yorkshire Goat Gouda

Stirring 1,900 litres of goat milk prior to renneting

An early start today for Stu. Pasteuriser going at 6.45am to process 1,900 litres of goat milk into our large vat.

Cutting the vat: 1,900 litres of goat milk

Today, Weds and Thursday are goat gouda days and Friday is an Original Goat day.  So, the milk was heated to a set temperature, stirred from time to time to ensure even heat distribution.

The starter was then added and allowed to ripen.  We then added rennet and left to set.  Stu then cut it, tricky as the curd nearly comes to the top of the curd cutters!  We let it settle for a short while as it is very delicate at this stage.

Then we stir it, whilst the acidity level rises.  When we have achieved the right acidity, we take off 40% of the whey and replace it with the same volume of very hot water.  This makes the curd particles shrivel and contract, making the curd smooth and shiny which gives our Superior Goat Gouda its dense but smooth and creamy texture.

Adding in hot water gouda style

Then we scoop out the curd with plastic colanders and place the curd into pots and when the whey is drained from the

Scooping out the curd

pots, we cloth them up and stick them in the press.

They will come out tomorrow and go straight in the brine bath, come out, get vac packed and matured.

And there you have it, our Superior Goat: Yorkshire Goat Gouda!  This won a silver at Nantwich 2012.

Unpressed goat gouda straight from the vat

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