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What A Quarter of a Tonne of Cheese Looks Like

109 Superior Yorkshire Goat Gouda

109 Superior Yorkshire Goat Gouda

This is what a quarter of a tonne of cheese looks like.  This morning, I vac packed 109 of our Yorkshire Goat Gouda

Each cheese has its unique batch number written on it so that we can trace it and also when we wax or smoke it, we know which batch it is so that each time we sell some, it is deducted from the batch book.  This allows us to be able to manage a product recall, heaven forbid, if we had to.

At the same time as vac packing, I take a sample from a cheese at random and vac pack it for analysis at our labs.  We use Intertek these days who come and pick the samples up from us and we log into their portal to trace the results.  It is very efficient.

The boxes in the background is a 50 cheese order I need to put on a pallet to be picked up on Monday.

We will leave the cheese to mature for a minimum of eight weeks and then they will be ready to wax or smoke.  We have sold a tremendous amount of smoked Superior Yorkshire Goat Gouda this week and are all out, so the smoker will be going on a fair bit next week so that we can replenish stocks.

This has been my Friday, oh, and blogging…how is yours?

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