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Weekly Catch Up With Ribblesdale Cheese

Apologies to regular readers of this blog as I have missed a week with my meandering recapture of what we have been up to.

My scabby stairs that has varnish, paint and stain on them over the decades/centuries

We were very busy the week before last and I was doing SALSA in the evenings and last week I

Small green room that I really want to paint all four walls green but everyone says is a very BAD idea

was painting bedroom walls and scraping down the staircase in the evenings, so had little time.  I only managed the pub once last week….my life is so incredibly exciting!

We have two weeks to cover.  The week before last was not a great one: busy as we had a slow Wensleydale make on the Monday, a cheese making class on Tuesday (which was good!), Original Goat make on Wednesday, Goat Gouda on Thursday and sheep on Friday.  I also did some emergency waxing on Friday morning and showed Simon how to wax, our friend who had previously attended one of our cheese making classes last year and had come to give us a hand with the last sheep make of 2013.  It was really busy and I did not get any chance to work on SALSA so did some in the evenings.

My favourite song from the week before: Let Me Entertain You by Robbie and last week was Stevie Wonder’s

Andrew turning pots who amazingly likes my music choices on the ipod

Good Things Last week

  1. Stu’s mum came home from hospital

  2. Good cheese making class with Rob and Debbie on Tuesday

  3. A good Original Goat and Goat Gouda make which Andrew helped us with on Weds and Thurs

  4. Fewer makes so Stu gave the dairy a clean to within an inch of its life on Friday and got a half day off on Thursday – woohoo!

  5. Arranged a meet with the manager of Wensleydale Dairy’s visitor centre to come and taste our cheese

  6. Potential enquiry for a new and different type of goat cheese which is rather interesting….watch this space

  7. All lab tests up to date and all negative results

  8. I have got about a third of the way through documenting SALSA

  9. Arranged two more cheese making classes

  10. Snouter’s trotters slightly better and there is now a little bit of grass in the field

  11. We had a couple of semi-nice days and Stu’s dog Pip had a little frolic in the sun

Next week we are making Wensleydale on Monday and have a cheese making class at the same time.  Tuesday, we will be waxing, Wednesday we should be receiving 3,800 litres of goat milk and Thursday and Friday we will be making cheese.  I have booked Andrew and I am hoping to continue with the ever delightful SALSA standard.

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