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We Sell Cheese and Chutney Hampers

Lydia waxing smoked cheese

In case you had forgotten what Lydia looks like, here she is waxing smoked cheese - and our champion hamper maker

As usual, Lydia has done us proud making up a selection of hampers from £9.99 to £35.  She has a flair for this sort of

The £25 hamper I sold today

The £25 hamper I sold today

thing, whereas my flair is about as exciting as a dead newt.

I sold a £25 hamper in the shop today to a couple who were staying in Hawes with their baby, leaving Grandma to look after the rest of the children.  The hamper was a thank you present to Grandma and I really hope she enjoys it.  Mind you, I swapped the cheese in it for pieces that they liked in their hope that she would share it with them!

In the £25 hamper, we had two jars of chutney, one of Stu’s Red Onion Marmalade and one of Lydia’s Abbotside Gold, a little Wensleydale waxed truckle by Stu, a piece of Smoked Wensleydale, a piece of Tasty Yorkshire, a box of Spelt crackers and an olive wood butter/cheese knife.  All this, artfully arranged (well, it was when Lydia did it, not so much when I changed the cheeses over,) inside a large wicker basket with shredded black nesting kind of paper.  We make sure that customers get a discount on the hamper so that it works out cheaper than buying all the individual components.

One of Lydia's Chutney Hampers

One of Lydia's Chutney Hampers

The three chutneys together

Some of our chutneys

Our little baskets start off at £9.99 and we can custom make them for you, according to the type of cheese and chutney you like and your price range.  We make the cheese that we put in them as well as the chutneys.  We now have 25 chutneys on sale in the shop, from Spicy Marrow Relish to Granny’s Apple to Macho Man Chilli Jam – each of the three of us make these.

Give us a ring on 01969 66 77 88 or e-mail me: ionahill@gmail.com if you would like to place an order, either to pick up at the shop, or we can send it in the post, though postage will be extra and unfortunately attracts VAT.

I think one of the nice things about cheese and chutney gifts is that they make wonderful presents for people who either have everything they need or where you just don’t know what to get them.  Last year, we sent one to a lovely lady who worked in a call centre in Egypt, albeit to her UK address.

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