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Vote on our Label Designs!

I mentioned in the previous post that we are undergoing a re-branding exercise.  Lisa, our lovely designer has come up with five different label designs for our Ribblesdale Cheese for us to choose from. 

I won’t say which are our favourites, but if anyone has any views, I would love to know which one you prefer! 

Which do you like best? 

Number 1: Landscape 

1 Landscape

2 Goat Head 

2 Goat Head

3 Squirly Whirly 

3 Squirly Whirly

4 Galloping Goat 

4 Galloping Goat

And finally No 5 Stamp 

5 Stamp

<a href="https://polldaddy.com/p/3555821" target="_blank">Take Our Poll</a>

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