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Oak shavings from Theakston's Brewery

Oak shavings from Theakston's Brewery

Yesterday I went up to Theakston’s brewery who let us have oak chippings to smoke our cheese.  I met the cooper who makes their barrels who told me that he had been getting hold of whisky barrels and planing them down.

The sacks of shavings smelled absolutely gorgeous, a heady mix of whisky and oak.  As we have recently been putting the smoker on twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, we really needed these shavings.  We emptied the first batch of smoked cheese using the new shavings this morning and we all sniffed the cheese to see if we could detect any whisky flavours, but we couldn’t.  It still smelled the same: a deep smokey oak fragrance.

We have sold around 100 x 2kg smoked cheeses since Monday which is far more than we would normally.  But we are not complaining!

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