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Visit by H&B and Dick of Mollie Sharps, Selby

H&B's Luke to the left and Dick to the right

Our friend Luke, from H&B called us a couple of weeks back and asked if he could bring a friend to see us making cheese.

And here they are: Luke from H&B (left) and Dick (right).  Dick and his wife run a relatively new but thriving cheese business called Mollie Sharps in Selby.

We are making a Wensleydale here, using a new starter culture.  It went slow and then it went fast, fast, fast!  From blocking to cutting took 25 minutes and then only 17 minutes of shovelling, or ‘turning’ as some people call it before we salted and milled. 

That one was hard work, shovelling it continuously to dry the curd off as much as poss without the acidity going too far!

It is always nice to catch up with Luke, who is always entertaining and he even bought us lunch!

We did a cheese tasting with Luke and Dick; Dick was very taken with our Matured Natural Rinded Goat cheese and our new Yorkshire Goat Gouda and it was an opportunity to show Luke four of our new cheeses who also liked them very much. 

Shame it is so difficult to get new listings with H&B which is all done centrally in London, because we are selling increasing quantities of our new cheeses regionally, which means, given the difficulty and the time delay, H&B customers are losing out. 

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