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Tuesday After the Bank Holiday

Two makes of Superior Goat Gouda neatly stacked up

Two makes of Superior Goat Gouda neatly stacked up

A busy day!  Quite a few new orders to get done and out and a vat of Superior Goat Gouda in the making as I type.  I am guessing that we had a lot of orders because our customer’s customers had a good long weekend; hopefully the better weather helped.  I do hope that Wensleydale Dairy’s Visitor Centre had a successful time with our goat cheese.

Stu was in first, pasteurising the first batch of goat milk to make into Superior Goat Gouda.  This morning, Andrew rearranged a pallet of Superior Goat so that the oldest went on the top – FIFO – first in, first out.  Then he washed 100 or so pots but because he is starting to get used to washing sheep pots and Original Goat pots asked where the rest where.  Poor thing, we assured him that there were no more sheep makes for the remainder of 2013 and that really was it.

I vac packed the 100 or so wheels of Original Goat that Stu had taken out of the press and bagged up whilst he was pasteurising today’s goat milk.

Cheese moulds which are actually food grade soup buckets

Cheese moulds which are actually food grade soup buckets about to be pre-washed

Then I sorted out a bag of samples for the lab to pick up, did the paperwork associated with that and had a quick chat with Mick of Intertek, the labs we use.  He lives in Stoke on Trent and I, for my sins, went to school partly in Yorkshire and partly in the Potteries.  Just don’t ask.

Then I spent the rest of the morning preparing the orders, invoicing and arranging the transport for those to get out, Andrew ‘polished’ some cheese i.e. he disappeared into the maturing rooms to rub and turn the cheeses residing there.  By the time he had finished that, he went and assisted Stu who had just about got to the stage of adding hot water to the gouda.

The temp monitor showed a record in the dairy today!

A very warm 26 oC today in our dairy

A very warm 26 oC today in our dairy – a record!

Superior Goat Gouda to the left, Matured natural Rinded Sheep cheese in the cventre and Natural Rinded Matured Goat to the left

Superior Goat Gouda to the left, Matured Natural Rinded Sheep cheese in the centre behind and Natural Rinded Matured Goat to the left

I then cut up a whole load of cheeses for pre-packs, a job that none of us enjoy doing as it is fiddly and time consuming.  After this, I made a couple of calls to people who are interested in our new mystery cheese which was very exciting.  Tomorrow Stu and I are going to be portioning up some samples as there are a few promising potential customers for this.  And then Andrew, the journalist who is writing an article titled ‘All Cheeses Great and Small’ popped by to see us.  After he left, I finalised the order I had been preparing that involved all of the pre-packs.

Ten Reasons Why We Really Enjoy Bank Holidays

Stu loves driving at Bank Holiday times: he says he loves being stuck behind caravaners doing 29 1/2 ,miles per hour with cyclists trying to overtake the caravans five abreast.  I have to confess, without (either of us) wishing to be disrespectful to people who own caravans and motor homes, I had two interesting journeys into work on Saturday and Monday.  Saturday was just stuck in a convoy of holiday makers – ok, that’s fine, we just have to live with that one in my book – we are lucky living in a beautiful part of the world, when the sun shines.

But Monday in particular was just down right dangerous.  I volunteered to accept delivery of our goat milk yesterday so had to come in to work.  I travel on the road that links Ingleton with Hawes and beyond which some time ago was identified by a biking magazine as being one of the top five best motorbike routes in the country.  Hhhmm.  I know that not all bikers are crazy, but it felt like those that are, were out yesterday.  The journey to and from work felt downright dangerous, with motorbikes overtaking me on blind hills and bends, coming towards oncoming traffic at crazy speeds, often on the wrong side of the road.  I was more than happy to take the road nice and steady, but for motorbikes looming out of nowhere behind me and overtaking in crazy places and insane speeds.  I was glad to get home and spent some time in the field with the piglets, when I heard the inevitable ambulance sirens.  We have already had one biker fatality this year.

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