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Tomorrow is our Last Sheep Make of 2012

Sheep curd cut into blocks

Sheep curd cut into blocks

Today is the last time in 2012 we will see Andrew, our faithful sheep milk delivery driver, from

Andrew our sheep milk delivery person

Andrew our sheep milk delivery person

SMUK.  And tomorrow is our last sheep make of the year, although we should never say never, if it looks like we are running low, we may ask Simon who runs SMUK very, very nicely if we may have some more.

We mature our sheep’s cheese for over a year to give it good flavour and texture, so we check each

Simon with some of his sheep

Simon, our ewe's milk supplier with some of his sheep

month how much we have in stock and its age profile.  Last year’s sheep cheese sales were up 5% on the previous year, though it is too early to tell this year as Jan – March are not representative months.

We make three different types of sheep cheese: a waxed one year old cheese.  It is waxed in red and looks quite stunning.  The second type is the same cheese, but we cloth bind it and let it mature, developing a thin natural rind.  Whilst this is the same cheese as the waxed version, its taste and texture is very different: it is firmer, less moist, with a natural rind and has very delicate flavours.  The third type is a smoked sheep cheese which has a subtle smoked flavour to it as we smoke it over oak chippings from Theakston’s Brewery.

Ribblesdale Original Sheep Cheese

Ribblesdale Original Sheep Cheese

Our part timer Mark is booked to give us a hand shovelling and Stu, Mark and I will be potting up from about 2pm onwards tomorrow.  Lydia will still be at the shop but will no doubt give us a hand when she gets back.  I feel a little party coming on to celebrate the final sheep make of the year.

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