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Tidying the Cold Room – Before and After

Lydia is very particular about keeping the cold room clean and tidy.

Before, yesterday afternoon before going home

So am I and so is Stu but together we cringe when we abandon cheese straight out of the press in to it, all nicely vac packed, knowing that Lydia will be cross with us.

Or when we have all done a big hand waxing session, and there is no room on the shelf to put things, we abandon freshly waxed, labelled, bagged and boxed cheese on dollies.

There are days when Lydia walks in and we both apologise for the state of the cold room.

Here are some before and after pictures.  One is yesterday before going home and the other is today.  Lydia and I took 30 minutes to tidy it

After - this morning, left hand side

and to put everything away on its proper shelf where it belongs!

After, right hand side this morning!

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