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Three Silver Awards for Ribblesdale Cheese at the British Cheese Awards 2014

I know I promised um, more posts and the next post would be about starter culture, but I digress.  What’s new!  Promise, I will write about starter because I have recently learned a lot about it and would like to pass it on, if it helps anyone.

British Cheese Awards Silver 2014 Great Taste Awards 2013 3 gold stars winner; Nantwich 2012 Gold Award Winner: Natural Rinded Mature Goat

The competition at the British Cheese Awards was tough and almost all of the big players were there, so we are really chuffed that we managed to achieve silvers for our

Little pillows of Goat Curd

Aged Goat Gouda, a relatively new invention – it is hard, nutty and sweet, our Matured Natural Rinded Goat cheese which has won more awards than any of our other cheeses, as stocked by Delifresh and The Courtyard Dairy amongst others and our goat curd won a silver which is nice, though it received a gold at Nantwich last year – stocked by Delifresh and Wellocks and used by Vanilla Black plus others.

We entered the British Cheese Awards (BCA) 2014 by the skin of our teeth.  It is usually in September, I think, but the BCA has amalgamated with the Royal Bath & West show and the date has been bought forward by several months which has thrown a good many people.

Our Goat Curd Silver certificate

Anyway, we had a great two day commercial cheese making course last Thursday and Friday with Becky, Chloe, Sophie and James and I completely took my eye off the ball about getting our entries down to Somerset.  Ooops, so it was with a great deal of scrabbling

Our Natural Rinded Matured Goat Silver certificate

around that we eventually managed to get our entries down to Somerset; don’t ask!

This year, I think that fewer cheese makers entered because the date changed and also, the competition was the day after a Bank Holiday which is not good for getting cheese down to Somerset.

According to this, 178 cheese makers entered the show with a total of 1,015 cheeses.  There were 839 cow cheese entries, 56 sheep, 102 goat, 12 buffalo and 12 mixed. 801 entries from England, 68 from Ireland, 74 from Scotland, 1 from Ulster and 70 from Wales.  The biggest category entered was cheddar with 150 entries, followed by blended cheese with 111 entries.  Five fewer cheese  makers  entered this year compared to 20134, I suspect because of the change of date.  Our poor friend Kristen at Gringa Dairy recently tweeted ‘epic fail, our entry parcel was not picked up last week’ – my heart goes out to her because there but for the grace of a bit of fast action and string pulling, went us too.  Only it was my fault.

Our Aged Gouda Silver Certificate

Congratulations to our friends, Mrs Kirkhams to their gold for their traditional Lancs, Wensleydale Dairy, our friends up the road for their multiple wins, Shepherds Purse for their multiple wins, Belton, Quickes and too many more to mention.

For a full list of the winners and categories, click here.

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