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Three Reasons Why We Like Our New Curd Table

The curd table on the trailer

Curd tables are an under looked piece of kit when planning a dairy, but you do need something to put pots on, pot out on and a whole load of other things too.  Traditionally, people use them to pour curd on to and then pot up.  We pot up in the vat and transfer the pots from the vat to the table to rest, three high and give them a ‘mini’ press.

Our old curd table was a great piece of kit, but ultimately not really quite big enough for our needs, especially doing cheese making courses where we spread out a little, leaving Stu little space to work with.

I bought the curd table, which was in excellent condition, quite a while back from an old Stilton maker and it has been

The tricky job of getting the curd table off the trailer and into the dairy, thank goodness it is on wheels

sitting in our equipment supplier Brytec’s yard.  The time came to put it into use, but first we needed to put wheels on it and also create some large metal sheets to spread across the bottom so that we can stand pots on it.

Brytec did the honours for us and bought it from their place at Longridge on a trailer.  I had warned Stu how big it was and we had mapped our dairy out on graph paper to see how we could rearrange our various bits and bobs to accommodate it.

The trailer arrived with the curd table on it and Stu couldn’t quite believe how big it was!  Brian rewired our wash tank so that we could move it into a better position and as the new curd table is on wheels, we can wheel it around to make the most of our very small space.

The new curd table in use at our last cheese making class

So the five reasons are:

  1. It is bigger and therefore we can conduct a cheese making class on it and still put our pots on it

  2. It is on wheels which makes life a lot easier to manoeuvre it to make the most of the space we have

  3. It is at a better working height

Thank you, Bryetc!

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