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Third Sheep Cheese Make of 2013

It only seems yesterday that we had a delivery of sheep milk from Andrew, our favourite milk delivery driver.  This week has been a relatively quiet week for cheese making as we did not have any goat milk to process.  We generally take a 3,800 litre load a week, but since the beginning of the year, we have only had four deliveries which is a little worrying, as we have low stocks.  We are, however, promised a load next week, so we shall see.

Stu and Andrew giving the large vat a pre-wash prior to taking the whey off; sheep’s milk is hugely rich and fatty and can be a devil to clean off if it gets stuck on

I digress.  We had two cheese making classes on Monday and Tuesday, we did a mad waxing day on Wednesday, caught up on things on

Andrew turning the pots

Thursday and Friday….was a sheep making day.  Andrew was booked and we collectively girded our loins.

We had a little guess as to the number of pots and Andrew won this time!  Both Stu and I had guessed at 160, but Andrew clinched it with 155 pots and he was spot on!  That is a lot of pot washing and vac packing to do on Monday!

Four full rows in the press and a cleaned down dairy

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