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The Week That Was in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

130 finished pumpkins!

130 finished pumpkins!

It was pumpkin week!  700 pumpkins made by the end of Tuesday – phew.  The 700 pumpkins were picked up by our customer on Thursday and early feedback has been really positive.

Because we did not do our usual Tuesday mad waxing, by the end of the week, our shelves were looking very bare.  We need to do some major mad waxing next week, that is for sure.

On Wednesday, Stu, ably assisted by Andrew made a vat of Superior Goat Gouda whilst I started to catch up on book work and on Thursday we made a 1,900 litre vat of Original Goat.  On Thursday, I prepared all of the orders to be picked up on Thursday and Monday and called it an early finish.

Stu had Friday off so I was at work alone.  First I took all of the gouda that had drained overnight from being in the

Stirring Superior Goat Gouda

Stirring Superior Goat Gouda

brine bath from the curd table, placed them in bags and vac pack them.  Then I cleaned down the curd table which is not as easy as it sounds as it is rather large.  Standing on a small stainless stool, (because I am vertically challenged,) I tussled with each perforated stainless sheet, carefully turning it over so that I could clean both sides and clean underneath the sheets too.  I felt quite proud of myself for doing that unaided.

Then I had a quick bit of lunch and tackled the drains in the dairy; it is a satisfying feeling once they are spotlessly clean again, though I did have a slight accident in order to get to all of the drains, I moved the brine bath out of the way on the pallet truck and accidentally got the wheels of the pallet truck stuck in the drain as I mistakenly took the covers off.  This meant I could not move the brine bath at all, nor could I clean the drain because the brine bath was stuck on the pallet truck in the drain.  Hhhhmmm….  I was pondering what to do about this when in walked Dave, our APC chappie who helped me pull the pallet truck and brine bath out.  Thank you, Dave!

After that bit of excitement, I finished off the drains, prepared a quick order for my local and called it a day at around 5pm.  Weekends go too fast.  We are making three times next week: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We are mad waxing on Tuesday and cleaning and tidying down on Friday.  But it will be a pumpkin free week!

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