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The Last Few Weeks in the Life of Ribblesdale Cheese

Well, it has been a stressful time one way or the other.

Let’s concentrate on the good things:

We had the best month of the year in October, so that was pretty good, we were busy, especially toward to the end of the month.  Here is hoping for a good Christmas period for everyone in business.

And it hasn’t snowed yet, though as I type on a Sunday afternoon, the hail from yesterday is still sitting on my conservatory roof unmelted.

We are in discussions with Booths supermarket to get another cheese in with them, so let’s see what happens there, there are still a few hurdles to get through.

And we had a great four person cheese making class a couple of Mondays ago and John stayed on to do a commercial class with me the following day which I certainly enjoyed and I hope John did too.  I look forward to hearing how John progresses his craft.

Stu finally received his new car – and I mean brand spanking, shiny new!  It is a very smart Dacia, and not withstanding the time it took to get to the UK (Stu thinks by donkey and cart) I think he feels it was finally well worth the wait.

On the downside, Stu’s mum sadly passed away, condolences to Stu, his brother Mark and his dad Mike.

Not quite on the same scale, my downstairs at home has been completely unlivable in for four weeks, which mainly accounts for the lack of blog posts as I cannot sit downstairs as the floor is up – everywhere – and it is very stressful, so I have been hibernating in my bedroom where I do not get internet access.  I hope the new flooring will also be worth the wait, though there have been occasions when I walk across planks of wood balanced on bricks and see the dust and muck and dirty things put on clean things and stuff broken that I have really wanted to pack myself and the pigs off to a tropical island because it is probably warmer, cleaner and more harmonious.  I have arthritis in my hands which tends to only flare up in the cold, these last couple of weeks they have been behaving like bananas so waxing or holding on to things is painful and difficult which is annoying and frustrating.

The mice have taken up residence again in my house because of the cold and they have taken to holding late night parties at the back of my wardrobe that I cannot get to.  I shall find a way…..

And to top it all, our computer ground to a halt and after taking it to a computer repair man it was pronounced terminally ill with a corrupt hard drive and though he managed to save most of our files, I cannot open the backup!  Then there is the ongoing spat between a technical person and I at a potential new customer which at this stage is just not worth going into, needless to say, I am extremely unimpressed.  Actually, I am hopping mad!

So on that cheery note, I am off to my local, the Station Inn to do day 2 of a cheese tasting stint, so if anyone reading this is local, see you there – and mine’s a pint of Landlords!

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