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The End of Our First Mammoth Make Week

The trolley with open vac pack sheep cheeses, about to be vac packed

People may not realise how much more there is to cheese making than just stirring

Our vac packer which has two chambers and can take two cheese per chamber

a vat of milk and making cheese.  There’s pressing the cheese, taking it out of the press, knocking it out, bandaging or vac packing, washing the pots, rinsing, sanitising and rinsing the pots, soaking the cloths and getting those on to a boil wash, cleaning the press and dairy, weighing the cheese to determine the yield, taking a sample for the labs and storing or maturing the cheese.

Almost there stack of sheep cheese, sealed and weighed, awaiting storage in the cold room

On Monday, following the final make of tlast week, we took out the sheep

Weighing each cheese so we can calculate the yield

cheese from the press, bagged it up, put it on to a table to vac pack, sealed it, weighed it and found a place for it to mature in the cold room.

Here are some pictures.  We made 158 sheep cheese with an average wight of 2.15kgs giving a total yield of 18% which is very respectable.  We place the cheese in a vac pack and stack on a stainless steel three high in open bags and wheel it in to the wholesale side where one of us vac packs.  Yesterday Lydia made a start on bagging, writing a unique batch code on each bag in indelible pen so that can identify what it is and when it was made, I vac packed and Stu gave the pots a pre-clean.

Then I bagged and Lydia vac packed and Stu washed the pots in the big wash tank and cleaned the press and curd table down.  In between, I took delivery of 8 pallets of boxes which all needed to be taken off the lorry with a bit of care as they do not come on standard euro pallets which makes lifting them off with a euro fork lift interesting.

We finished by about 11am ish, then Stu zipped up to the shop whilst Lydia and I did our best to sort out the 8 pallets of boxes.

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