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Steve from Manufacturing Advisory Services

Steve in our little dairy

Steve in our little dairy

Like many small cheese makers, we use electricity to power all of our equipment which is a fairly expensive and lengthy way of generating heat.  In the dairy alone, we have two vats to heat, a wash tank and a pasteuriser to run.

Ideally, we would like to convert to steam, which would allow us to process larger quantities of milk in a much more economical way.

This represents the next step up for us in our cheese manufacture, but unfortunately is somewhat cost prohibitive.

I did some sums about this as part of my Sustainable Engineering module at Leeds Uni on my MSc course and it was a little deflating to see the payback as it makes such sense to do this.

Last week, we had a visit from Steve Goodare who works for the Manufacturing Advisory Services who came to carry out a two day audit as part of a CO2 Sense consultancy grant we won.  His brief is to identify ways in which we can become more energy efficient and I await his review with a great deal of interest.

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