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Snowed In

There is a track through there to the top of my drive

I really had intended to go to work today, to meet Stu (who hasn’t had water at home over Christmas due to frozen pipes) to pot out last week’s make, vac pack and clean down.

It didn’t quite happen.  On waking up, there was a good 6″ of snow outside.  It snowed

The road to work today

 steadily until lunchtime, that thick, fluffy snow that forms a crunchy velvety layer and is not good for driving on as it compacts quickly into slippery ice.  The pigs aren’t impressed either – the ground has been frozen for so long, they’ve given up trying to root.

Just for the record, I hate the cold and snow.  So disruptive!

As it happens, Stu, who saved the day, did manage to get in and said that the cheese wasn’t quite pressed enough, so we will try again tomorrow.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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