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Snow Stopped Play, Monday 21st Jan 2013

My drive at 6.30am

Apart from the snow we had in early December, we had our first

Top of my drive at 10am

January snow last Saturday, 12th Jan 2013.  The snow at my place is still very much here from then.  We were forecast a load of snow on Friday, but it did not happen.  Last night at around midnight, my goodness, did it snow!  Not just here, near the Ribblehead Viaduct but at Hawes and even Askrigg.

Stu’s picture of our little unit in Hawes this morning at around 9am

We were due to receive a delivery of cow’s milk for a Wensleydale

The stool outside shows how much snow has fallen since Sunday

make and run a cheese making class.  Andrew was due in to help us with Friday’s sheep make too.  Given the amount of snow around where both Andrew and I live and at work, we decided to cancel today’s Wensleydale make and Alan’s cheese making class who was due to travel over from Wetherby.  When Alan retired, he decided he would like to learn how to make bread, how to make beer and finally cheese.  What could be better – bread, cheese and beer!  Unfortunately, we are going to have to reschedule, so sorry Alan.

Dalesflex, the sign business opposite our unit at 9am this morning

Fortunately, we had both been at work yesterday, Stu tightening up the press of sheep cheese and I did up some orders and samples and presciently printed out the Parcelforce labels – if they are able to get to us today.  Stu was able to valiantly limp in and arranged for Monday’s orders to get out, put the vat on a timer for tomorrow and then he scarpered with the poor old Pipsqueak.

Stu who lives in Askrigg which does not get as much snow as I do – I am at a much higher altitude – said that he had never seen snow like it before.  We decided, given how much had fallen and that it showed no sign of abating that we should close up as soon as possible and that Stu should get himself back home quickly.

I am hoping that normal service will resume tomorrow, Tuesday

A happier Pipsqueak (Stu’s dog) lounging around at home

22nd Jan 2013.  Well, this is certainly a January to remember – for all the wrong reasons!  This snow is incredibly disruptive, not just cancelling a cheese making class but now I have just found out that tomorrow’s goat milk delivery has also been cancelled, which is serious as we have only had one delivery of goat milk in January.  Our Superior Goat needs to be matured for at least 8 weeks and our stocks are low.  Also, our rubbish has not been collected for over a week now and customers are unable to pick up.

Snoozing unhappy piglets: Snouter to the left and Penny Pig to the right after their breakfast of hot porridge, whey and piggie pellets; hopefully they have warm full tummies

I’ve had a lot of snow at my place for 9 days now and it is forecast to stay for another eight days until next week when it will rain.

Can’t we just have bright, sunny wintry days with a little ground frost at night….please…..?

Poor old Pip, Stu’s dog comes to work and resides in a nicely insulated kennel with a big, fat, fluffy cushion to keep her cosy and warm is very pleased to be back home.  My piglets are unhappy: they hate this nasty white cold stuff which means they spend all their time snoozing and when awake, arguing.

We thought you may like to see some pictures.

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