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Snow Like I have Never Seen It

The road at the top of my place at 11pm 25th January 2013

The road at the top of my place at 11pm 25th January 2013 and the poor old cheesemobile

I have lived through six winters up here and not seen snow like this before.  I just woke up with a jolt from a little snooze on the settee, as you do, on a Friday night, realising that I had not tucked the pigs in.

I went to my conservatory door  only to find a 3ft snow drift against it.  With a lot of repeated shoving and swearing and getting hot and bothered, I managed to open the door wide enough to edge out, grabbed the snow shovel and dug an entrance to the door.  Looking around, slightly bleary eyed I discovered that there was well over a foot of snow and that does not include snow drifts.

I also had to dig the pig gate entrance free so that I could go and check that Penny Pig and Snoutychops were warm and happy – they were nice and toasty which was a relief, though not happy as they (like their owner) hate this white stuff.  After the regulation tummy rubbing time, and Snouter trotter spraying, a quick check on the geese, I grabbed my camera and decided to check on the top road as I need to pick up some medicine for Penny Pig at the vets in Settle tomorrow.

It was hard going, walking through drifts of snow up my drive, through the field to the top when I clocked the road.  Not a hope in hell’s chance.  So I thought I would share it with readers of this blog.  My heart goes out to anyone travelling in this weather, please be careful.  Bring on the rain!

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