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Snow Book II

My drive at 11pm on Sunday 2nd December 2012

My drive at 11pm on Sunday 2nd December 2012

Well, it looks like there might be a winner to the snow book.  It all depends on whether there is snow on the ground tomorrow morning outside our little unit.  I live 14 miles away from Hawes, so the weather there may be very different to my spot.

I have just been to tuck the piggies in and check that they are ok and to spray Snoutie’s trotters.  When I turned on the conservatory light, I was taken aback by snow!  Snow not just on the ground, but silently fluttering from the sky.

I have always said this: snow is so sneaky, it creeps up on you, silently so that, if like me, you are catching up on e-mails by the fire on a Sunday night completely unaware, it’s a bit of a shock to find an inch on the ground.

The 14 mile journey to work tomorrow will be ….interesting…as they sure as hell will not have gritted the roads and there is

Penny Pig (facing) and Snouter (rear end) cohabiting once again

Penny Pig (facing) and Snouter (rear end) cohabiting once again

already ice underneath.  I know this because my drive and at the bottom by my house is a veritable ice rink.

Oh well, the pigs were happy, even if their owner is not, though I couldn’t get to Snouter’s trotters to spray them as they were neatly tucked into Penny Pig’s tummy.

A quick update on Snouter’s trotters: they seem a little better though they are still painful to him, they are a lot better than they were.

A big thank you to everyone, especially Angela, (whose place as a reincarnated pig is already reserved), Sally (who suggested little knitted trotter socks) and Jan for asking after him.

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