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Sharp Practice?

I am a little cross!

It happens; I have a lot on my plate right now – am trying to complete my Masters’ dissertation by this weekend, organise milk – we are still looking for goat milk farmers – and generally catch up as I am very behind with answering people’s e-mails and getting things done: apologies all round.  However….

I have just looked at a remittance advice from one of our large customers to see that they have knocked off £177 from their payment termed samples which I knew nothing about.

There’s nothing wrong with giving samples to our established customers to give to their potential new customers, I’m all for that, but £177?  And without asking?  That is more than some of their orders.

They have also faxed through a notification, the first of which I have ever seen, knocking another £116 referenced ‘samples’.  We cannot afford to do this and it seems fairly excessive.

Again, I must emphasis that I don’t mind giving out free samples to good customers as this is the best way, getting people to try it, to buy it, so in principle, fine,  but £293 is an awful lot of money for free samples and more, quite honestly, than we can afford.

Can I do anything about this, other than e-mail (I have) the buyer concerned?  Should I be afraid of their power over us?  Probably yes, but this is not a good message to give out to us little artisan cheese makers.  £293 hurts.

Time will tell if this results in a marked increase in sales…..

What do you think?

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