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Second Sheep Make of 2013

Stu being camera shy, cutting the small vat

Last Friday was our second sheep make of the year and jolly hard work it was too.  Having said that, Stu assured me that it went a great deal smoother than the first time, a couple of weeks ago when the pasteuriser played up because we asked it to pasteurise just over 2,000 litres, which it doesn’t like, and the whey pipes froze because of the weather.

Last time, I was up at Jervaulx, freezing in -6 oc feeling very

Our stainless steel curd cutters, one vertical set and one horizontal

helpless as there was nothing I could do to help Stu, Andrew and Simon.  This time, Simon had work commitments and was unable to help us, though I know he wanted to, it was me, Stu and Andrew.

So much curd in the vat that the shovel can stand upright

Our milk was delivered by the lovely Andrew on Thursday and is always of excellent quality and comes from Simon Stott, Sheep’s Milk Co-operative UK.

We were about 30 minutes ahead on the big vat and about an hour ahead on the small vat, which was good and meant that we had finished potting up and cleaning down by 4pm.

Andrew and Stu shovelling the large vat

As usual, there was a huge quantity of curd in the vat, so much so, that the shovel would stand upright.  It was hard work shovelling the amount of curd in the large vat, about 300kgs, let alone the small vat.  We made 166 pots (I was the winner!)  We often have a guessing game whereby we each try to predict the number of pots in total.  I guessed 160 or 161, Stu thought about 150 and Andrew was 155.

Four rows in the press of sheep cheese and 120 Yorkshire Goat Gouda on the curd table, draining for packing on Monday

It was a good make and all went well, two down, three more sheep makes to go!

On Monday, we have around 120 Yorkshire Goat Gouda to vac pack and put away, then the 166 pots of sheep to take out of the press, vac pack, wash the pots and clean the dairy down.  It will keep us busy!

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