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Scales Calibration

Autoscales, Blackburn

Autoscales, Blackburn

Each year, we have our scales calibrated, not only as part of our BRC audit but because we want to be sure that we are weighing things correctly for our customers.

On top of that, I check them every Monday with our own weights and record any discrepancies – thankfully, none to date, but one of those things that needs to be done, because you never know and the way I am going with technology, it’s sod’s law that they go wrong and we don’t check them.  (My home computer has just died, the tv has such a red tint to it that it is unwatchable and the home phone is very dodgy!)

Every April, I hot foot over to Autoscales in Blackburn.  It has be timed carefully, as I take the scales with me, which means that we cannot send out any orders.  As I usually time it with seeing customers at the same time, to make the most of my time out, I am away for the whole day, so it is

Autoscales reception

Autoscales reception

preferable I do it on a Friday.

We have to be careful to get them calibrated before they run out, otherwise we get into trouble!

And of course, Trading Standards spend 20 minutes each year putting weights on and taking them off to see if they can prove us wrong.

Anyway, I though some of you may be interested in seeing where we get it done!

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