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Ribblesdale Yorkshire Bowlers

Stu hand moulding Yorkshire Bowlers, checking them on the scales so they can be sold as fixed weight

As readers of this blog will know, we make a small round cheese, containing 235g of our award winning Wensleydale cheese, shaped like a cricket ball, with a food grade piece of string wrapped around it which looks like a cricket ball when it is hand waxed in red.

Today, Stu made 60 of the little beasties; they are extremely time consuming as the curd has to be shaped and weighed by hand, wrapped

Our Yorkshire Bowlers made with our award winning Wensleydale

with string by hand and then waxed by hand.  Making 60 in one go is as much as Stu’s hands can take.  (I am useless having ripped tendons, I have little strength in my hands and can do hardly any, well, that’s my excuse.)

So I thought you may like to see Stu making them in progress.  We need to make quite a few as we are starting to sell over 100 a week, which is good and hopefully more as the season picks up, as we want people to know that they are not ‘novelty’ cheeses as they contain our award winning Wensleydale and are good all year end.

And on a completely separate note, good luck to my friend Sue with her op this week and wishing a speedy recovery to my yoga fanatic friend Kevin who has just come out of hospital.

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