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Ribblesdale Smoked Goat Cheese

1) Smoked unwaxed cheese

We had a ‘mad waxing day’ today; the first lot of cheeses we waxed were some smoked goat cheese.  We have our own little smoker, an Afos, that we bought from McKenzies’ Smokehouse which means we can smoke our own cheese, so we are not dependent upon anyone else.

The way our little cheese smoker works is that there are three drawers on the far left side, two of which we fill with oak chippings.  We then set

2) Half waxed smoked goat cheese

fire to the oak chippings with a blow torch which results in a slow smouldering.  A fan on the right side draws smokey air from the drawers on the left over the cheese and then out.  The smoking process generally takes about 6 hours, sometimes a little longer.

We smoke most of our goat cheese, sheep and Wensleydale of course.

Here are some pictures of our smoked cheese, half waxed, waxed, then labelled.

4) Labelled waxed goat cheese

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