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Ribblesdale Original Goat Cheese

Ribblesdale Original Goat

Ribblesdale Original Goat

Here is a picture of our Original Goat cheese.  It is made in the style of  a Wensleydale: creamy, crumbly and fresh.  This is the cheese that I first started to make back in November 2008, six weeks after we moved from our old base in Horton in Ribblesdale to Hawes.

We needed to move because we simply did not have enough space in which to create a dairy; it was my mission, eighteen months after I took the business over, to become cheese makers once again.  Either that, or have our own goats and I really didn’t think I could cope with the 500 odd goats we need to provide the milk we use on an annual basis; cheese making seemed a slightly better option!

Our first goat milk supplier was a wonderful gentleman called John Parker, from Constable Burton, close by to us.  He had a lovely twinkle in his eyes and was a lovely man.  He sadly died.  We miss him.  We now buy our milk from Hackfall Goats who are based at Grewelthorpe, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

It took us six weeks after we moved in to our Hawes unit, with considerable help from our equipment suppliers, Brytec, to get our small dairy up and running.   Just six weeks after I started to make cheese – our Original Goat, we got a listing in Booths!  I can’t tell you how chuffed we were and still are as Booths still take this cheese.

Our Original Goat won a gold star at the 2011 Great Taste Awards.  This is what the Great Taste Award judges said:

‘Nice even texture and the aroma is clean, fresh and lemony.  Hint of goat flavour, a fresh flavour with hints of citrus.  A nicely made cheese.’

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