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Ribblesdale Cheese Pips Wensleydale Dairy with our Old Tyme Wensleydale in the Great Taste Awards 20

Stu with the salt

Our award winning cheese maker, Stu

I know I keep saying this: there are two dairies in Hawes!

We are the little, three and a half person, (including Mark,) artisan cheese makers.  We maybe make 23 tonnes of cheese in a year, where other, larger dairies make between 10-15 tones a DAY!

Everything we make is by hand and in small quantities and with a lot of care and love – you have seen the pictures of us making cheese and our little dairy.

But if there is one things that stood out this last week – not just being pleased to bits about winning three prizes at the Great Yorkshire Show, and the three awards at the Great Taste Awards, but we beat our friends, Wensleydale Dairy with our Old Tyme Wensleydale.

We won 2 gold stars for our Old Tyme Wensleydale where Wensleydale Dairy received one gold star for their Real Yorkshire Wensleydale.  We are so proud!

We won our award for batch F27 which we are selling normally, to customers and in our Little Cheese Shop in Hawes high street.  This was not a specially made batch for a competition, just our normal (award winning!) Old Tyme Wensleydale.

So, let me say it again – there are TWO cheese makers in Hawes and we both make award winning wensleydale!

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