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Ribblesdale Cheese Bank Holiday Weekend

What a pleasure and a luxury it was to have three and a half days off!

A happier Pipsqueak (Stu's dog) lounging around at home

A happier Pipsqueak (Stu’s dog) lounging around at home after a long walk

Stu did his domestics on Saturday and found a pint with his name on it after having taken Pip for a long 9 mile walk.  Since Stu bought his pedometer, he can now tell Pip how far they have walked which pleases Pip as she can boast about it to her canine friends, namely Billy, Stu’s brother’s dog who also lives next door and is about six times the size.  He also popped into work to tighten up the press and pick up his latest purchase of some fabulously lovely new sheets.  He says they are very nice and is very pleased with them.

On Friday, I did two coats of Elephant Breath on the final two walls of my little room, went to Settle, picked up Snouter’s pain medicine, bought

The other half of the grey room

The other half of the grey room

One half of the grey room

One half of the grey room

some wood stain from Timberworks and paid  my £3.12 Settle Coal bill.  On Saturday, with Jason the electrician’s help, we did a third and final coat of Elephant Breath, leaving just the woodwork to sort out.  I had a pint with my name on it at the Ribblehead pub in the evening.

On Sunday, Stu took Pip for another nice long walk and I helped my friend Pat out on the tea van at the Ribblehead junction and then spent the afternoon in the field with Penny Pig and Snouter, also assassinating nettles followed by some more very tedious stair stripping.  On Monday, Stu made his Christmas present: 40 pints of beer which I am looking forward to sampling!  I helped again on the tea van and then took a lazy and early night to prepare for Tuesday’s cheese making class.

Andrew turning the pots


By contrast, poor Andrew spent most of the weekend in bed with a stinking head – not alcohol related, so he says!  And what with his girlfriend Cath also being a bit under the weather, they are a right pair of crocs!  He came into work on Tuesday and says he is a lot better.

Two nice days of weather and rain, grey, gloom and 6 oC on the Bank Holiday Monday.

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