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Ribblesdale Cheese and the Bengal Tiger

When we make cheese, we lock the front door to the dairy so that people cannot just walk in when we are making cheese.

This means that people have to go around to the back of the building, making their way through some bushes and um…. a bit of undergrowth and hammer on the door til we hear.

Mark, our part timer arrived last week more than a little wet, having cycled from home to us and said he thought he had seen a Bengal Tiger in the undergrowth.  And so the legend of the Bengal Tiger was born.

Today, we had a visit from John the Rattyman whom we warned about encountering the Bengal Tiger when he checked the outside bait boxes.  He said he thought he heard some rustling in the bushes and he would be extra vigilant.  If the female traffic warden who terrorises the streets of Hawes each Tuesday (market day) disappears, we will know who to point the finger at…the Bengal Tiger.

And just for good measure, here is a picture of a Bengal Tiger.

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