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Ribblesdale Blue Wensleydale a Sell Out

Ribblesdale Blue Wensleydale

Ribblesdale Blue Wensleydale

Wow, we have had a busy week which is a good feeling as October was dire and not just for us, by the sound of our other cheesey friends’ feedback.

And we picked up a new customer which we are very proud about – more on that later as I

Matured Natural Rinded Wensleydale

Matured Natural Rinded Wensleydale

will be taking pics of them when they come to see us, hopefully very soon as we are starting to get pretty busy.  Their first order went out last Thursday: Blue Wensleydale, our Natural Rinded Matured Goat, Natural Rinded Matured Cow, our Tasty Wensleydale and Smoked Original Goat.

I do not know why, but our Blue Wensleydale is flying out of the door – apart from it is a very good blue, with a rich, creamy base and gentle blueing; a really traditional Blue Wensleydale, which is hard to get these days.

If you need some, please give us plenty of notice as we are piercing them as fast as we can, giving them time to blue, testing each and every one with our cheese iron and then they disappear out of the door!

Natural Rinded Mature Goat

2 Gold Star winner at the Great Taste Awards 2011: Our Natural Rinded Mature Goat

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