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Ribblesdale Blue Wensleydale

Newly bandaged Blue Wensleydale

Last week, Stu made a batch of Blue Wensleydale.  It had a light press and after that, he bandaged them.

They looked so pretty, I thought I would take a picture of them.

They will be matured in their own room and later pierced in line with orders.  This is a super cheese, with a creamy base

Another view of our Blue Wensleydale prior to maturation

and gentle blueing.  We have several wholesale customers for this and it sells very well in the shop.

We have five plain Wensleydales in the shop:

i) Our award winning moist, crumbly, slightly acidic, young Wensleydale

ii) Our Tasty version which is slightly older and slightly darker in appearance and is less crumbly but creamy and rich

iii) Our Natural Rinded Matured Wensleydale which is golden in appearance and rich, with an almost farmhouse flavour

iv) Our smoked version that we smoke over oak chippings

v) Our Blue Wensleydale, traditionally cloth bound, matured and pierced

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