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Pumpkins, the Final Frontier

The final batch to make up 700 plus some spares

The final batch to make up 700 plus some spares

We have finally mulched our way through 150 kgs of Tasty Yorkshire cheese, making 700 pumpkins plus a few spare, but not many.

By 1.50 pm, we had prepared a full 700.  By 2.30pm, we had finished all the cheese, making some spares.  By  3.30pm we had cleaned down, turned the answerphone on, recorded the temperatures and we are going home.

We thought we should be elated, but it is an absolute anti-climax.

Symptoms of Excessive Pumpkin Making

Numbness of the brain (both)

Speech dysfunction (me)

Inability to spell (me)

Inability to count (both)

Sporadic outbursts of manic laughter (me)

Stiff hands and arms (both)

Loss of feeling in fingertips due to waxing at 90 oC (me)

Loss of feeling in fingers and indentation from knife chopping (Stu)

RSI from groove making (me)

RBI, (Repetitive Brain Injury – Stu’s current affliction and possibly mine too)

And it is not yet over.  Tomorrow, we have to batch code and double count them all and think of the best way of boxing them up; they may stay in crates.  PLease don’t talk to us about pumpkins.  Goodbye Tuesday.  One good thing happened today.  Amazon sent me Series 2 of Homeland – oh yeeessss……

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