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Pumpkin Progress Report, Day 2

140 more pumpkins

140 more pumpkins waxed in an artful, ok, totally random way

It’s just gone half past twelve and we are both feeling a bit more human.  Stu has had his lamb and mint sauce buttie and I have had a bowl of leek and potato soup, all washed down with several chocolate biscuits.

The progress to be reported is that today we have made and waxed 140 new pumpkin cheeses and have shaped and formed another 60 which means we only have about another 80 to go or so to hit our 700 target!  A big woohoo!

We have been listening to music and have been trying to think of pumpkin songs.  So far we have Don’t Leave me This Pumpkin (Way), All Pumpkin’d (Cried) Out, Pumpkins Bloody Pumpkins (Sabbath), we shall think of some more.

All we have done today is made pumpkins and until about 11.30, the phone hadn’t rung and no-one had stepped through the door until the two happened simultaneously: Betsy our journalist friend dropped by together with our goat milk delivery chappie and the phone rang.  Prior to that it felt like we had accidentally walked through a time portal and were living in a parallel universe, governed by pumpkins.

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