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Premium Home Dining – Eat Ribblesdale!

I am just  a Chartered Accountant turned cheese maker.  There are a lot of (read many!) things I do not know about and have no experience in.  Marketing is one of them.  We are currently undergoing a rebranding exercise which has been….interesting…..actually, it has, we have got some great new label designs coming up – see the quick poll in this blog for a look at the proposed new label designs!  Lydia, on the other hand, has a particular bent for these things and has been great in coming up with ideas and input.

To try to learn more about marketing,  I signed up for these free marketing advice tip sheets.  This is the latest one that caught my eye.  It says that ‘premium home dining is going to be a rapidly growing change in eating behavior.  It’s already happening, but expect this to accelerate in the immediate future.’

‘Economic pressure and disillusionment with fine dining, is leading to greater interest in cooking at home.  It provides a sense of worth and pride for the home cook, even bragging rights.  You are what you eat; it defines you and your life values.’

I thought this was really interesting – our cheeses are fabulous both on a cheese board and in cooking, so I thought I’d pass on a few things we do with our cheese. 

The Superior Goat goes really well with apple – Lydia eats it with apple pie.  My father tells me that our Blue Goat is sublime with a good glass of port – he lives in Portugal so has access to a good supply.  Stuart’s favourite is any smoked cheese, but in particular Smoked Superior Goat.  He makes a fabulous sauce to go with fish, (his favourite food,)  he makes a classic white sauce with Smoked Superior Goat and chestnut mushrooms – gives a subtle smokey flavour.  Sounds yum!  Lydia makes a lovely stuffed chicken breast with our smoked cheese and a walnut and blue cheese salad.  Stuart also says that most smoked cheese goes extremely well with salted nuts. 

I like the Original Sheep cheese just plain on its own and I sprinkle Original Goat in salads; I also make a blue goat and broccoli soup.  Some chefs have told us that they use our Matured Goat cheese as a vegetarian alternative to parmesan.  Gary Rhodes has an amazing spaghetti carbonara recipe using our Matured Goat cheese – se the recipe page for more ideas!

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