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Pictures of Crime – Ribblesdale Cheese Burgled

Perhaps we have been lucky; in this current era of lawlessness, this is the first time we have been burgled.

Today is Sunday and my day in the shop.  I have a huge backlog of work, so I’d planned an early start at the unit first, to complete our new price list, do some invoicing and generally catch up before I opened up the shop.  I got to work at about 7.45am.

Our van having had diesel siphoned off

When I pulled up, I was shocked to see that the van had been tampered with – someone had obviously cut the fuel line and had carefully cut (with one of our dairy knives) open old 25 litre plastic containers that they had got from outside our neighbours, the Goodlife, in order to siphon diesel from the van, using our whey funnel.  They had used two of our dairy coats to mop up excess diesel.  Nice.

Even seeing all this, I initially didn’t relate all the items by the van with the fact that these evil bastards had been inside our unit.  I looked up at the door, to see a huge gaping gap where the lock should be.  This is no ordinary door, it is a reinforced steel door.

I gingerly went inside, it was early and I was increasingly worried that the thieving toe rags might still be around.  The dairy looked fine.  Next the office – it had been ransacked –

How they got in

trashed even – and all cash stolen.  Clearly they had been looking for tonnes of cash – which they would not find – we are not a cash business.

Ransacked office 1

Next the wholesale and waxing area – looks ok, though they’d obviously rifled through the label cupboard with vigour. 

The cold room door was slightly ajar and the light was off. 

Back to the office.  The light was on and the two laptops have been taken, both carefully switched off at the wall but taken in their entirety along with the pen drive I use to back up – yes, you know what

Ransacked office 2

that means.

I grabbed the phone  – woohoo – it hadn’t been stolen- and stepped outside as I still wasn’t convinced that they had gone

Ransacked office 3

 and very shakily called 999; first time in my life I have done that and I hope the last.  I checked next door and all the other buildings on the business park, just two of us had been burgled.

Next door was ‘done over’ too, gaining entry in a similar fashion.  They took tinned dog food, frozen meat pies, frozen burgers, catering tins of coffee, cheap costume jewellrey and chocolate.

Ransacked 4 - every drawer, cabinet had the contents pulled out

It took a little while for a very nice policeman called Alan to arrive.  He was very sympathetic but I wasn’t really allowed to look around to see what was taken (and I am still not 100% certain) until the CSI team had been.  A sergeant then arrived and between them they looked at our place and next door in an attempt to try and work out what had potentially happened.  By 11.30am, the CSI lot still hadn’t arrived and I wasn’t allowed back in, so no making teas and coffees, so I went to the shop to open up, pretty dazed.

I discovered that these excuses for human beings had found the van keys and for some reason have taken them.  So that means a Mercedes dealer coming up with new barrel locks for each of the doors, a new key and to code it to the transponder which will not be cheap.  They also found the keys to both the smoker and the maturing room, rummaged in both and have walked offf with the huge industrial and bloody expensive locks and keys.  Great.  Nowhere was left untouched.

I called Stu and Lydia but only managed to get through to Lydia who thankfully dragged her long suffering other half Rich with her and took over the shop, which was a massive help particularly as it was a busy Sunday in Hawes – thank goodness!  Lots of bikers, for the first time this year.  We actually had our best Sunday of the year today in the shop, which is some small consolation.

Our blue dairy gloves in the van

I got called back at about 1.30pm as the CSI man finished taking finger prints – they left quite a few, despite these animals, which is an insult to animals, stealing all of our boxes of hygienic blue dairy gloves in S, M, L and XL – presumably to carry out their next little foray into stealing and wrecking businesses’ or people’s lives.  One box of which I later found on the seat in the van.

Initial thoughts by the police are that it was amateurish and maybe even local.  I have no clue and don’t care but wish a long, slow and painful death on each and every one of them.  My biggest fear is that they will brag about what they have done and how ‘easy’ it was and we will be visited again and again and again.

I got home at 9pm after calling our long suffering landlord and his wife, Amanda, out, who came to do a basic fix on the door but I needed to be there. 

If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know!  Equally, anyone know any reasonably priced security firms for an alarm or cctv or whatever people do these days?

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