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Our Shop: a meeting place

I do the Sunday shift at the shop and we had a good day today. 

Our landlord, Bob, very kindly let us borrow a table, chairs and parasol to put outside the shop.  Bob also loaned us a chalk board to put up on the wall outside the shop advertising our drinks, sandwiches and home made cakes.  The table ouside has lead to some lovely chats between our customers.

Today, armed with a nice cup of coffee each, one of my bacon, brie and cranberry sandwiches, two 5o something bikers shared the table with another 50 something day trip couple from Preston.  They spent the entire afternoon there, fuelled with coffee, fruitcake and gingerbread, talking away twenty to the dozen.  They even got table service when I was quiet!

It was really nice to see them swapping telephone numbers and e-mail addresses when they parted.

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