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Our Matured Natural Rinded Goat Cheese to Appear at IFE

Our Naturally Rinded Matured Goat

Our Naturally Rinded Matured Goat

IFE: International Food and Drink Event is held at Excel in London, every two years.  It is HUGE!  I went in 2007 over a period of four days and I still didn’t see everything.  In 2009, I wore my most comfy shoes and zipped round to see customers over two days.  I would love to go this year but it clashes with my Leeds Uni course and I have already missed two days.

However, one of our customers, Bradburys, are attending, and they will be taking with them three of our bandaged, naturally rinded matured goat cheeses to showcase. Woohoo!  We have already sent them over to them.  Let’s see what feedback we receive.

About IFE: 2011’s largest gathering of international food & drink suppliers will take place at IFE. From big brand suppliers to local & regional producers, over 1100 exhibitors from around the world will showcase thousands of NEW products.

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