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Our Gold Award: Nantwich 2012

Our Nantwich Gold Award for Matured Natural Rinded Goat cheese

At last, as promised!  Here is a picture of our Gold award from Nantwich 2012.  This is for our Matured Natural Rinded Goat cheese.

Nantwich 2012 Gold Award Winner: Natural Rinded Mature Goat

This is based on our Original Goat recipe (which is vegetarian) which when made, we let mature in vac packs for about 6-9 months.  We then take it out of their packs and wrap it in cloth bandages and let it mature for a further 4 – 6 months.

This results in a very hard, dense cheese with lots of delicate flavours.  It doesn’t get ‘goaty’ at all, it turns into a mellow, aged cheese with a thin natural rind.

It is quite a high maintenance cheese because we rub the rind and turn it about twice a week, so quite labour intensive.

You can buy this cheese from us or from our wholesalers Bradford based Delifresh (tel: 01274 743737) who liken it to a Goat Parmesan.

We submitted six cheeses into the Nantwich Cheese show which was our first ever entry to the show and three won awards, which we are very pleased about.

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