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Our Friend Kristen who came to see us and Brytec for advice with setting up her new dairy

Mexican Cheese Made in Peckham Launches

From the Speciality Fine Food Magazine 11/6/13

An urban dairy is launching its own Mexican cheese. Gringa Dairy, which is housed under a railway arch in Peckham, South London, has produced a soft cow’s milk cheese is the style of a Mexican cheese which is not dissimilar to Feta.

The dairy, one of only a handful of businesses producing cheese in London, is the brainchild of Californian-born Kristen Schnepp, who makes Gringa Dairy Queso Fresco using organic milk sourced from a farm in Kent.

Schnepp, who left Berkeley five years ago after pursuing a career in marketing and business strategy, says, “We at Gringa Dairy aim to bring the delights of Mexican cheese to the UK shores. With an increase in the availability of quality Mexican food but a lack of imported dairy products from Mexico, we feel that now is the perfect time for us to provide authentic Mexican cheese to food lovers across the country. Gringa Dairy fuses our love of cheese with our passion for Mexican cuisine.”

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