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Our Annual EHO Visit

We like our EHO, Steve, who is very helpful and fair.  It was nice to see him again; we last had contact when I was preparing the HACCPs for our chutney making, so it had been a few months since we’d last spoken.  This time he bought his mate Graham with him.  The more the merrier – coffees all round! 

We had a clean bill of health, thank goodness – I would be extremely alarmed if he had found anything untoward.  We may be small, but we still have to uphold the same standards as any other food manufacturer.  It helps hugely that we have our BRC accreditation as this puts into place a whole system of well, yes, paperwork, but checks and controls.  I would rather have it this way and be very documented with a myriad of forms to complete, than have unsafe practices. 

Steve did some traceability tests, starting with make sheets, looking at the intake sheets for the milk, then to our batch book and some sales invoices to customers.  All very straightforward.  He took a little look around our premises and looked at our HACCPs and training records; I told him of our plans, we had a chin wag and got a very nice report.

Thanks, Steve, Graham!

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