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Original Goat Making Today

Stu and Andrew turning blocks of Original Goat

Stu and Andrew turning blocks of Original Goat

Yes, I have not blogged for almost three weeks (apologies), because we have been short staffed and very busy, so I am going to bore you all to death with three posts in one day!

Whilst I am being silly and frivolous writing messages to Orchard on their cheese, Stu and Andrew are making 1,850 litres of Original Goat.  It is cold in our little dairy and the wind is howling a gale outside, so we have taken the acidity quite high before taking the whey off to help the acidity gather pace.  It is 1pm as of writing, they should be milled and potted up by 2 -2.30pm, cleaned down by 3.30pm.  And then I will send them home and Stu will say ‘but I just need to do this or that..’

Me, on the other hand, I am having my first office day in a long time and catching up with paperwork, doing the VAT return, bank rec, getting our invoicing up to date and sorting out a large pile of ‘stuff’ that has accumulated over the last two weeks.

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