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Natural Rinded Matured – Goat 2 Gold Stars Great taste Awards 2011

Natural rinded matured goat cheese certificate

Natural rinded matured goat cheese certificate

Here is our two gold star award for our Natural Rinded Matured Goat.  It is a hard, matured cheese with good flavours, not particularly ‘goaty’. very flavoursome and quite moreish.  For the Great Taste Award judges to describe it as an ‘elegant cheese’ really made our day.

We use local goat milk in the goat cheeses that we make; we now make seven goat cheeses.  Our goat milk comes from a herd of about 500 goats in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, in Grewelthorpe, between Ripon and Masham.  We are very proud of our goat milk as we believe it is extremely good quality.  I can’t help believe that part of the credit for our two awards for our goat cheese should be given to Jonathan, our goat milk supplier for the excellent quality of his goat milk as well as to Stuart for making it!

We have only been making this cheese for about 7 months now.  We mature the cheese for about 4-5 months and then we cloth bind it, in a traditional way, to allow it to develop a very thin rind.  We rub the cheese twice a week and turn it for the first month and after a while, we rub and turn every week, to ensure an even growth of the rind.

It is interesting to note that in the Great Taste Award 2011 category for hard goat cheese, there were only five winners, two were us for our Original Goat and our Natural Rinded Matured Goat cheese and the other three were from outside the UK.  Three cheers!  We are so proud.

Here is what the Great Taste judges said about this cheese:

Good nose.

Nice complexity.

We like the delicate flavour.

This has nice length.

It is an elegant cheese.

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